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Receive consistent, compassionate care from a carer (or former domestic helper) you already know and trust, or select from a carefully-vetted shortlist.

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Only pay for what you need, with plans starting from only £800/week.

(UK average live-in fees = £1,560/week)


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We believe you as the client should have the choice of who is going to care for you, so the most important step is deciding who you would like to be your live-in carer. This might be someone you already know or you can select someone from our database of experienced and compassionate Filipino carers that are determined to secure a live-in care role in the UK. We encourage you to interview them via Zoom before making a final decision. We will then work with them to ensure the appropriate paperwork to work in the UK is in order.

The carer will be moving to the UK specially to work as your carer and with this comes a two-way expectation of loyalty and commitment. This in turn enhances the quality and consistency of the care you receive – something that we believe the care sector could and should be doing a much better job of.

We have partnered with a highly-reputed registered live-in care provider; the live-in carer will be employed by this partner who take on all the usual responsibilities of being an employer and will ensure that you’re receiving a care plan which works for you. 

Anyone that is in need of a carer, living in England (Scotland will be available soon).

Care Recruitment International is a company specialising in the ethical recruitment of care workers and nurses from the Philippines into UK social care organisations – a mixture of residential care homes, live-in care providers and local councils.

Running this business has helped us to realise the unmet demand for those in need of care looking to recruit Filipino live-in carers but who are unable to find a provider that is willing to work with their needs and price their service fairly. Consequently we launched Bauhinia Care which is our service helping to match care seekers with fantastic carers and care providers.

There is an initial one-time onboarding cost of approx. £6,000 which includes all costs associated with the recruitment and migration process including flights, visas and recruitment fees.

Thereafter, the ongoing cost of your care plan depends on your specific needs and circumstances with prices starting from £800 per week.

Please note – in line with ethical international recruitment best practices – the carer is not charged any fees or charges at any point and all recruitment/relocation costs are covered in the onboarding fee.

It is far more cost-effective to have a dedicated live-in carer than having carers visiting on a rotation basis.

The cost of live-in care is typically priced to service those with the most complex needs and essentially forces all clients to sign up to the most expensive packages which are often not needed. We believe this practice is unnecessary.

Depending on the processing speed of the UK Home Office, the process should take 6-12 weeks.

We operate across England. Scotland will be available soon.

The Philippines has some of the best carers in the world. Aside from being highly experienced and suitable for this kind of work, our candidates speak excellent English, are culturally similar to Brits and are known for their loyalty, strong work ethic and caring demeanour.

Yes. To obtain a visa, the carers must speak a basic level of English (IELTS level 4.0) however we don’t believe this is high enough, so we vet all applicants to ensure that their English is fluent. It is worth noting that the Philippines ranks No. 2 in Asia (after Singapore) for English proficiency and the Filipino accent is quite neutral.

The ability to stay in your own home and in a familiar environment that you control of is important. It is also a much more economical option for those that only have light to moderate care needs.

Yes – we will take care of this.

Yes, the carer will live in your house. You must have an appropriate spare bedroom that is dedicated for them to live in; this will be their only place of residence in the UK.

If you require a carer that has a driving licence, this is something we can accommodate. Note that they will need to sit a UK driving test within 12 months of arriving in the UK.


We feel very fortunate to be working with Care Recruitment International for the ethical recruitment of overseas carers. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to ensuring we are kept informed at every step of the process is exceptional, making our collaboration with them seamless and very enjoyable.

– Lynda Mackenzie, HR Advisor,
Parklands Care Homes


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We are accredited by the Philippines government, enabling us to recruit Filipinos from within the Philippines into the UK.

We are also included on the NHS Employers’ Ethical Recruiters List.

Care Recruitment International is a trusted commercial partner of Scottish Care.


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